iOS iPhone Large

iOS ENGAGE® Large Asset

Large iPhone assets are displayed on the iPhone X or above.

Asset specs

  • Size: 1626px x 3521px
  • Safe space: 854px x 854px
  • Safe space placement:
    • 1334px from the top
    • 1333px from the bottom
    • 386px from the left
    • 386px from the right
  • Gutter space
    • Space from the left & right: 250px
    • Space from the top & bottom: 542px



Safe space is to ensure that your main message and assets are not disrupted by the answering UI and incoming call text. You may reference this in the templates provided.

File format and size

  • Max Size is 99kb per asset in compressed jpg format

Asset Deliverable


Asset Specs

What’s Next

Please review content related to iOS asset creation.