iOS Overview

iOS ENGAGE® Overview

Custom Text is configurable so you can change it based on your current business need or calling practice. You have the ability to push out the same Custom Text to multiple numbers at once or tailor specific messages per call/per individual.

The following asset sizes are required in order for our processes to resize your content properly to varying device screen sizes.

Production Dimensions

  • iPhone X & above: 1626px x 3521px
  • iPhone 8 & below: 888px x 1406px

Custom Text

With ENGAGE calls on iOS devices, you have the option to include custom text below the caller name when the call is made. The image below demonstrates the Custom Text functionality with the displayed "Customer service calling".


Custom Text is set up independently of the asset deliverable when you create programs


iPhone 8 and below


iPhone X and above


iPhone Banner Display

What’s Next

Please review the following pages related to iOS asset creation.