API Environments

API Environments

Lab Overview

First Orion’s Integration Lab is a test environment for developers. Inside of this environment, developers can create, update, and manage programs without being connected to carrier networks. When testing in the lab environment, there are some differences between the lab environment and the production environment.

Environment Domains

EnvironmentDomainDescriptionAccess Method
Labapi.forp-lab.comIntegration Testing and Initial Development - not connected to Carrier NetworksFirst Orion Representative
Productionapi.firstorion.comFor use with production integration - IS connected to Carrier NetworksFirst Orion Customer Portal

Lab Behavior Differences


Simulated Network Responses

The lab environment is not connected to carrier networks and thus does not return live carrier status repsonses. The default behavior for these endpoints in the Lab environment is to return the submitted/updated business to the user associated with a randomized status. Including the below keywords in the business legal name will return the corresponding status upon submission/update rather than a randomized response.

Register and Update Business Status

Return StatusBusiness Legal Name Keyword (case sensitive)
UNDER REVIEW"suspicious"

Register and Update Phone Number Status

Phone number status returns in the Lab environment are randomized at registration and will return one of the following statuses at random: APPROVED or UNDER REVIEW.