iOS SDK Migration Guides

ENGAGE® iOS SDK Migration Guides

Migrating to Version 4.x.x

The ENGAGE SDK module name has been changed from Engage to EngageKit.

This will require a couple minor changes in apps previously using ENGAGE Version 3.

XCFramework Resolving

Swift Package Manager

Since the module name has changed, the safest way to to upgrade from 3.x.x -> 4.x.x is to remove and re-add the package in Xcode.


If using Cocoapods, first update the ENGAGE SDK pod name in the Podfile for each target:

// before
pod 'Engage', '=3.0.2'

// after
pod 'EngageKit', '=4.0.0'

Finally, run pod install.

Import statements

All import Engage statements must be converted to import EngageKit

The global "find and replace" feature in Xcode makes this step a breeze.

// before
import Engage

// after
import EngageKit

No other changes should be needed.



Don't forget to check out the new logging control feature.