iOS SDK Host App Requirements

ENGAGE® iOS SDK Host App Requirements

Skill Requirements

  • Apple Developer Portal
  • Swift
  • Xcode

System Requirements

  • MacOS
  • Xcode >= 13
  • Swift 5

Host App Requirements

  • iOS 12.1 or higher
  • Ability to link Apple Dynamic Frameworks
  • Swift (4 or 5) or Objective-C
  • User Permissions Required:
    • Remote Notifications
    • Contact
  • Apple Push Notification (APNS)
  • Provisioning Profiles
  • Notification Service Extension

Host App Impact

  • SDK Size: ~2mb
  • Less if Bitcode-enabled
  • Content push data usage: 100kb or less


The ENGAGE SDK requires certain iOS app permissions to be managed and coordinated by the host app. The SDK will not perform as expected if these permissions are not granted.


The following permissions are required to be set in the host app info.plist:

  • Contacts
  • Notifications

ENGAGE functionality is driven by the permissions a host app is comfortable asking the consumers. The set of ENGAGE components included in the host app’s build file also relates to the functionality and permissions required.