How ENGAGE Works

How ENGAGE Works

Using First Orion’s Call Enhancement Portal or Federated APIs, an enterprise uploads their branded content and their client phone numbers. ENGAGE runs live programs using both Batch and Real-Time approaches based on the specific use-case of our enterprise customers. For more information regarding these approaches, please contact your First Orion representative.

Once the Call Enhancement system is notified of a planned call, branded content is delivered to the end user's device. Provided an ENGAGE-powered app is present on the end user's device, the ENGAGE-enabled content will be delivered and stored as specified.

An enterprise using ENGAGE does not need to change its calling behaviors and should continue to make calls in the same manner. Once programs are set up in the Call Enhancement Platform, the phone automatically knows when to identify the enterprise to the device owner instead of displaying an unknown, unrecognizable 10-digit number.

First Orion's ENGAGE Product Fact Sheet

Content Provider:
Identify yourself when calling using your personalized branded content.

Distribution Customer:
Include the iOS and Android SDK in your app to help us deliver branded content and get paid for it!

Or, Do Both!


First Orion's ENGAGE on an iPhone

When I make calls, can ENGAGE...?
Show my branded content, leading to substantially increased answer rates?
Allow me to send personalized messages to the person I'm calling?
Receive accurate telemetry on successful content delivery? 1
Ensure content is only shown during the time window I specify to help prevent scam?
  1. The Call Results metric can vary based on permissions and device type

ENGAGE Key Product Features
Uses contact to show content 2
Allows controlled content Start and End Date/Time 3
Keeps content on device after call 4
  1. Android shows content using either an overlay, a contact, or an overlay with a contact
  2. Prevents content from showing outside a calling window
  3. Content remains on the iOS phone until TTL is met. Android content is cleared immediately on CallerID apps