REST API Overview

Data Hierarchy

The Branded Communication API offers a single point of entry into First Orion's INFORM solution.

The API is structured under the following top-down hierarchy:

Create and Manage Businesses

A Business is represented in the BC API as an object containing the information needed for business registration. This includes information relevant to legal identification, addresses, contacts, and the context of the business, as shown below:

An API user can create, update, and get information about businesses via the Branded Communication Business endpoints.

Note: Only users with Partner permissions may access the endpoints used to create and manage businesses via API.

There are five business endpoints aside from the primary Business endpoint used for creation and management:

Business Reference Data

Below are the values representing information required for the business industry and employee count information submitted during business registration.

Service Grants

Service grants represent, and gate access to, the different distribution paths through which your business is sending branded calling. This is present on the business object.

Service GrantMeaning
"CT"Your business numbers are being registered for First Orion to mitigate scam tagging on the T.Mobile network. All businesses have this added by default, and is the base requirement for having access to the branded calling platform.
"CE"Branded calling numbers registered to a callername in an INFORM program are being distributed through the T.Mobile network.
"ATT"CE service with additional ATT network distribution (requires CE grant)
"VZW"CE service with additional Verizon network distribution (requires CE grant)
"INFORM_PREMIUM"Inform with Logo (requires CE grant)

*require extra authentication from First Orion Support

Business Industries

17Business Services2
6Health Care7
16Personal Services13
8Public Service14
9Real Estate15
11Restaurant/Food Services17
15Trade Contractors21
14Veterinary Services25
21Other Businesses26

Employee Count ranges

11-10 employees2
211-50 employees3
351-200 employees4
4201-500 employees5
5501-1000 employees6
61001-5000 employees7
75001-10,000 employees8
810,001 + employees9

Create and Manage Business Units

A Business Unit is represented in the Branded Communication API as simply its name. The successful activation of a business is required for Business Unit creation and management. Creating a business unit is a required step before program creation. There is one Business Unit endpoint used to create and manage the information associated with a business unit.

Create and Manage Branded Communication Content

To add branding details and assets to a branded communication program, the content must be registered in the FO Exchange, similar to phone number registration. Once registered, every piece of content is associated to a unique ID for use when assigning to a program. The content is not distributed to downstream networks until it has been put into an "APPROVED" State.

Content Data Hierarchy

Content Data Hierarchy

Create and Manage Branded Communication Programs

A Program is represented in the Branded Communication API by the purpose of the program, the estimated daily call count, and its schedule. There is an optional flag on the program object to allow for the use of PAIRED pre-call authenticated delivery.

There are three endpoints used to manipulate the information used in the Program Object:

Call Purpose Code

CSCustomer Service
DCDebt Collection
ENInformational / Notification
OBMulti-Use Line
S6Do Not Originate

Daily Estimated Call Count Range

2Up to 1002
3Up to 5003
4Up to 1,0004
5Up to 5,0005
6Up to 10,0006
7Up to 25,0007
8Up to 50,0008
9Up to 100,0009
10Up to 250,00010
11Up to 500,00011
12Up to 1,000,00012
13More than 1,000,00013

Delivery Channel Endpoints Overview

Branded Communication Delivery Channels represent how the end call will be displayed and to what channel(s) the calls will be distributed.

Phone Numbers Endpoints Overview

The Phone Number object is represented similarly to Branded Communication programs with the addition of the relationship object used to map the phone number to associated businesses and programs:

Call Purpose codes are the same as program call purpose codes.

There are three endpoints used to manipulate the information and entities associated with a phone number:

Pre-Call Push Overview

Pre-Call authentication is used to push the content to be delivered by a Pre-Call program ahead of the phone call. This can be used for Inform and Engage programs. The pre-call object is represented in Branded Communications by the services to be used as well as the length of time the assets will be associated with the phone numbers specified.

The pre-call push API consists of two endpoints used to push the information for either an Inform or Engage branded call with pre-call authentication.