iOS SDK Testing


Functionality must be tested after completing the ENGAGE SDK integration. From the Customer Portal, customers can deliver content to a device through an easy-to-use interface. A valid, configured ENGAGE Program must be created in the Customer Portal before delivering the content. First Orion will provide testing assistance at any time.


Note on Functional Testing

Simulators should not be used to verify ENGAGE SDK functionality when integrated into the host app. To verify ENGAGE functionality, real network traffic must be available in order to validate that incoming calls are displaying the expected content.

Delivering ENGAGE Content to Device

First Orion provides a set of APIs to deliver ENGAGE content to an enabled device. The Customer Portal also provides an easy-to-use mechanism to deliver content in real-time for testing purposes. From the Customer Portal you can also schedule Batch Push by uploading a formatted .csv file.

APIs and Programmatic Delivery Options

  1. Real-Time Push
  2. Batch Push
  3. Mobile Push Library
    • Android
    • iOS (Swift)

What’s Next