iOS SDK Troubleshooting

ENGAGE® iOS SDK Troubleshooting

Why is my CocoaPods installation failing when updating to a new ENGAGE SDK version?

When working with CocoaPods, it is sometimes necessary to remove the local Pod repo and re-sync. This is occasionally needed when new SDK releases become available and the client’s local CocoaPods repo needs to re-sync.

The following steps outline the removal of the First Orion Pod repository from the client and re-syncing.

Remove Pods from Artifactory Repo:

$ pod repo-art remove fo-cocoapods-external

Remove Local CocoaPods References:

$ rm -rf ~/.cocoapods/repos/fo-cocoapods-external

Remove Cocoapod Cache (not always required):

$ pod cache clean --all

Deintegrate Cocoapod (not always required):

$ pod deintegrate

Re-add First Orion CocoaPods Repo:

$ pod repo-art add fo-cocoapods-external

Install Pods from Podfile:

From the project’s main directory, pod install could also be used:

$ pod update

Why won't my app compile after adding ENGAGE SDK?

If a compiler error occurs while building the SDK in Xcode:

  1. Open the Pods project and select the ENGAGE target
  2. Verify that the Build Setting values for “Architectures” only includes the architectures supported by the enterprise app
  3. Set the “Build Active Architecture Only” build setting to “YES” for Debug only
  4. Try to build

Can I remove bitcode from the ENGAGE SDK?

Bitcode may be manually removed if it is not used. ENGAGE SDK should be manually added instead of Cocoapods. During this process, bitcode will need to be removed using Xcode runtime:

xcrun bitcode_strip -r Engage.xcframework/ios-arm64/Engage.framework/Engage -o