How INFORM Works

How INFORM works

Using First Orion’s Call Enhancement Portal, an enterprise sets a Caller Name (up to 32 characters) for each enterprise phone number used for outbound calling. The change takes effect in less than one minute. Outbound calls will display the custom-set name on the end user’s device. Spoofing is heavily restricted by First Orion’s first-of-its-kind, in-network, spoof protection solution, benchmarked by third-parties as the industry leader for identifying and blocking scams and spoofed calls.

For larger enterprises, an optional API can be integrated allowing a near real-time push to only the phone numbers being called off the INFORM Calling Name replacements. The API requires a Start Date/Time and End Date/Time, ensuring that any spoofed calls outside of the identified calling range do not include the INFORM replacement.

INFORM Assignment Options

INFORM always displays on the end device the same way regardless of the delivery methods described in more detail below.


The INFORM Global delivery option provides the ability to customize the Caller Name of one or more of the phone numbers displayed for your outgoing calls in pre-configured INFORM Programs. Programs allow for dynamic representation of your company's phone numbers and includes INFORM Program metrics with descriptive call analytics.


The INFORM PAIRED delivery option is a hyper-focused and flexible version of INFORM Global. This option allows for multiple Display Name replacements to be assigned to predefined sets of outbound calling numbers (A-Numbers) and the destination or receiving numbers (B-Numbers).
How would this work? Here is an example. Your enterprise has 100 outbound calling numbers leveraged between multiple departments, including:

  • Delivery
  • Customer Support
  • Billing

With INFORM Plus PAIRED, specific Caller Name replacements may be assigned for each of those departments. This will allow a single outbound number to have multiple Caller Name replacements available when calling different destination numbers. If there are multiple departments calling the same customer, you can be certain that your customer receives the Caller Name replacement of the current calling department.

This approach is highly flexible and can be applied to a variety of use cases. To explore this functionality in more depth, please contact your First Orion representative.

Integrate Today!

By joining the Call Enhancement Platform today, your enterprise will gain immediate access to create and display a custom 32-character enterprise Calling Name to millions of devices, via INFORM, at the time of your outbound call. Say goodbye to low answer rates!

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