Call Reason Guidelines


First Orion Call Reason is intended to let a customer know the source and nature of the call via their native device screen. Call Reason can be delivered over the network along with CallerName and Caller Image.

The following guidelines are enforced by our APIs to ensure only trusted calls make it to their intended destination.

Allowed Characters

The special characters allowed for call reasons align with the asset guidelines for Display Name.

Best Practices

To prevent scams and raise trust in the phone call, First Orion recommends that businesses create custom Call Reasons that accurately describe the nature and source of the call.

Create a subject that includes any qualifying information on the source of the call that may be important to the person being called. For example:
An investment firm "Good Invest" creating a program for outgoing phone calls from their Fraud department would choose the following asset:

  "asset": {
    "displayName": "Good Invest - Fraud Alert",
    "subject": "We have detected a fraudulent transaction on your credit card",
    "note": "Display Name for Fraud Detection team's outgoing calls"