iOS SDK Pre-Integration

ENGAGE® iOS SDK Pre-Integration

For a streamlined integration of the ENGAGE SDK into a host app, First Orion may request an Enterprise to provide configuration that will enable communication from the ENGAGE platform to the app. First Orion will provide the necessary tools needed to decrease the integration efforts and increase the time-to-market for an ENGAGE-enabled app.

The ENGAGE platform requires the host app to be configured to receive Push Notifications. In order for the ENGAGE platform to push content to devices, the app builders must provide details relating to the app .p12 file.


First Orion will provide during pre-integration:

iOS Gold Copy - a reference application, including source code for understanding the integration points for a host app

engage-config.json – a host app configuration file to understand how to communicate with the ENGAGE platform. This configuration file will contain the app ID configured by the First Orion team. More info here.

First Orion Artifactory Credentials – required for accessing the CocoaPod repository in the First Orion Artifactory


Integration Customer will provide to First Orion:

.p12 Push Certificates (Production and Sandbox) – associated with the host app, found in the Certificates section in Apple Developer Portal

TeamId – associated with Apple Developer Account and found under the Membership section in the Apple Developer portal

Bundle Identifier – found in Xcode under General section of app configuration

Once the integration customer has received the items listed, they will be able to start the integration. See iOS SDK Quick Start or if the host app using Flutter refer Flutter Plugin Quick Start

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