iOS SDK APNS Configuration

iOS SDK APNS Configuration

APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) is the required service to send push notifications to your user's apps from your server.

The Apple Developer Portal allows for two types of .p12 push certificates to be generated. This provides application developers the ability to use separate certificates to communicate with Production and Sandbox APNS. Most times, developers will use the same certificate for both Production and Sandbox APNS.

This certificate must be passed along to First Orion so that our servers are able to trigger push notifications to enable ENGAGE functionality.

In the engage-config.json, the engagePushConfig field determines to which APNS environment to route traffic. In the debug and test configurations, the -dev in the value tells the platform to route traffic through APNS Sandbox environment. All other values, not including -dev, route through the APNS Production environment.

Learn more about the config file here.

EnvironmentAPNS TypeENGAGE EnvironmentExample Configuration Value provided by First Orion
APNS ProductionProductionproductionfoios-enterprise
APNS SandboxSandbox (testing)testfoios-enterprise-dev
APNS SandboxSandbox (testing)debugfoios-enterprise-dev

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