Inform Quickstart

Steps Required to Brand


  1. Collaborate with a First Orion Integration Engineer for the right integration tools for your use case, including Postman collections.
  2. Review Basic Rules and Conventions, including Access and Authentication, here
  3. Review Branding Policy for Display Names here
  4. Download Postman Collections for pre-formatted API requests for the below sequence

Steps to Create a Program

In the following sequence, the pattern is generally to create an object and store the returned UUID for next step

  1. Register Business and store the businessId
  2. Register Display Name for Business and store the displayNameId
  3. Create Business Unit and store the businessUnitId
  4. Create Program and store the programId
  5. Create Delivery Channel and store the deliveryChannelId
  6. Register Phone Numbers/Assign to Delivery Channel and store the phoneNumberId

Note: Steps 1, 2, and 6 require the object to be APPROVED for the object to brand successfully