Service Overview

Branded Communication API

The Branded Communication API offers a single point of entry into First Orion's INFORMINFORM - Method of Branded Communication program delivery via a custom Display Name of up to 32 characters. solution, 1/3 of United States devices. The API is structured under the following top down hierarchy:

  • Business Level
  • Business Unit Level
  • Program Level
  • Delivery Channel Level

Business Level

The Business controls all subsequent levels in the hierarchy. When activating the Branded Communication service, your business must first be registered with First Orion to gain access to the service. See the Authorization section below for more detail about account activation.

Business Unit Level

Business Units are essentially containers for various calling programs and associated phone numbers/delivery channels. Business Units can be created after the Business has been successfully activated.

Program Level

Programs are used to manage unique calling Display Names (i.e., your custom calling name) on one or more unique aNumberaNumber - The number initiating a call, also referred to as the originating number, business number, or calling party. May be written as: ANumber or A-Number.s. For example, a large department store could be onboarded as a Business and create a Business Unit designated for outbound customer support calls. Within that customer support business unit, there may be multiple programs (containing unique Display Names) that are assigned to specific aNumbers.

Delivery Channel Level

Currently, the Branded Communication API only offers the INFORM Delivery ChannelDelivery Channel - The means of Branded Calling distribution composed of the program asset information, calling number, and number(s) to be called.. As new Delivery Channels are brought into the fold, this is the level where the type of call branding can be designated.


All API requests require appropriate authorization. Auth keys will be provided by a First Orion representative after your Business has been successfully onboarded.

To contact First Orion about access to Branded Communication, click here or reach out via the support button at the bottom right of your screen.

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